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World Environment Day

Happy World Environment Day!

Happy World Environment Day! This year, The United Nations Environment Programme is focused on driving global awareness surrounding air pollution by sharing actionable ways individuals and businesses can implement change for a healthier environment.

World Environment Day2Pollution comes from five major human sources: agriculture, industry, household, transport, and waste. These areas emit a range of substances such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, ground-level ozone, hydrocarbons, and lead — all of which are harmful to human health.

According to the UN, nine out of ten people breathe polluted air. This is a silent killer with approximately seven million people dying prematurely every year from air pollution. 

Fortunately, there are simple things you can do to push for change. Check out these guides from the UN to learn more how your business, industry, or family can get involved.

Here’s what Bowery staffers are doing to #beatairpollution:

  • Buy Local: Limit transport emissions by purchasing food grown close to home.  Bowery only distributes our product locally, limiting food miles and delivering produce within days of harvest to ensure freshness.
  • Fight Food Waste: From 2000 – 2012, waste generated in cities doubled.⁣ It’s expected to nearly double again to 2.2 billion tonnes by 2025. ⁣Waste contributes to air pollution through methane emissions from organic waste and from burning of waste.
  • Be a Clean Transport Champion: Move mindfully by cycling, walking, or taking public transportation to work. 
  • Support the Preservation of Forests: We no longer have to tear down forests to plant crops! Let’s grow smarter (pun intended) and use existing spaces to preserve our forests, which store more than one trillion tonnes of carbon.

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