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A Letter from our Founder

Agriculture sits precariously at the hub of so many of our global challenges

I started Bowery in 2015 with a belief that technology and innovation could be a driving force behind re-imagining our food system for the better. Agriculture sits precariously at the hub of so many of our global challenges. Our ability to feed a growing population which is increasingly urbanizing is already at risk. Traditional agriculture’s outsized consumption of natural resources, vulnerability to climate change events and food safety issues, combined with a lack of transparency and understanding, puts enormous pressure on an already strained system.

Instead of changing how we grow our food, we’ve changed the food itself. We now design our fruits and vegetables to withstand weather, pesticides, and long distance travel, all of which diminishes the flavor and nutritional vitality produce is meant to have. All this is happening at a time when we need to more effectively and sustainably democratize access to fresher, more nutritious produce to improve the health of people and the planet.

To ensure a future where we can protect and increase access to locally grown, higher quality, safer produce, we need to reimagine how we grow our food from the ground up. We must harness the power of human ingenuity and technology in a way not possible before. We can create a system where we no longer need to accept compromise as a given. Where we don’t have to make false trade-offs between quality and quantity, sustainability and scale, and healthy and delicious. We must build a world where farming gives back more to the people and the planet than it takes, and grow deliciously abundant food in abundantly better ways.

We’ve begun an audacious journey at Bowery, with dogged optimism that indoor agriculture at scale can help to reshape our food landscape. A journey where flavor, safety, sustainability and access guide how we think about farming and feeding our communities. We are modern farmers who are creators, builders, problem-solvers, and purpose-driven team players, living our mission every day. We hope you’ll join us on this journey, too.

Irving Fain

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