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Your Thanksgiving Line-Up Could Use More Greens

We’re viewing the end of 2020 as an opportunity to cook up something a little unexpected

Thanksgiving might be a little, well…different this year. While our holiday season likely means less travel and guests, we’re viewing the end of 2020 as an opportunity to cook up something a little unexpected.

Sure, we love the hearty and familiar flavors of Thanksgiving, but even the classics could use a refresh. In an effort to honor tradition while embracing this moment of change, we’ve created a few starter and salad recipes to share in your turkey dinner spotlight.

Creamy Yogurt-Feta Dip with Bowery Baby Romaine and Vegetables

Even though things are a little more socially distant, a great dip shouldn’t be limited to large headcount dinners. Get the party started with this rich, creamy yogurt-feta recipe that pairs perfectly with fresh cut veggies and our favorite chip substitute, Bowery Baby Romaine.

Creamy Feta Dip with Vegetables

Bowery’s Jammy Mustard Dressing

Balancing the hearty, salty flavor of a Thanksgiving turkey is no easy feat. We think the sweetness of our jammy mustard salad dressing gets the job done and is a festive addition to your favorite salad recipe.

"Bowery’s Jammy Mustard Dressing

Bowery Crispy Leaf Salad with Smoky Butternut Squash

Prefer smoky to sweet? We’ve got you covered. This smoky butternut squash salad is the perfect side to complement the zesty tang of a well executed gravy. We never thought we’d reach for a second helping of salad before stuffing, but 2020 continues to surprise us.

Bowery Crispy Leaf Salad with Smoky Honeynut Squash

While we can’t come over for a bite this year, don’t leave us out of the festivities! Whatever you choose to make tag us on Instagram (@boweryfarming) and show us what’s cooking in your kitchen.


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