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Why is spinach often gritty?

Blissfully pure Spinach is possible

The Spinach Saga: Busting the Gritty Mystery 

Spinach, in all its leafy green glory, holds a high rank in the culinary world, thanks to its versatility and packed nutrition. However, it’s often shadowed by a common predicament – the unpleasant gritty sensation it leaves on your palate. If you’ve bitten into a spinach salad only to feel like you’ve taken a mouthful of sand, rest assured, you’re not alone. We’re here to unravel the enigma behind this spinach conundrum and guide you to a smoother, more enjoyable spinach experience.

The Grit Factor: Understanding Why Spinach Feels Gritty

The core factors contributing to spinach’s gritty texture may surprise you:

  1. Field Residue: Spinach thrives in sandy soil. However, despite multiple washes, minute particles often cling stubbornly to the leaves and stems, leading to that uninvited gritty sensation.

  2. Calcium Oxalate Crystals: Found naturally in spinach, these microscopic crystals can recreate the sensation of munching on a handful of sand. Though perfectly safe to consume, they aren’t always a hit on the sensory front.

  3. Inadequate Washing: Often a culprit behind spinach’s grittiness, inadequate washing leaves behind remnants of dirt and sand, especially in field-grown spinach.

  4. Harvest and Handling Practices: The methods employed during harvesting and packing of field-grown spinach leaves can often lead to inadvertent incorporation of dirt and debris.

A Grit-Free Spinach Experience: Yes, It’s Possible!

So, how do we achieve that elusive, pure spinach experience? The answer lies in Bowery’s vertically-grown spinach. Offering a revolutionary approach to spinach cultivation, Bowery pulls off the impossible—spinach that’s free from sand and grit.

Grown indoors and entirely pesticide-free, Bowery’s spinach is a game-changer. Owing to its cultivation in a soil-free environment, this spinach isn’t just clean—it’s pristine. It doesn’t require washing and has zero grit, promising a fresh and enjoyable spinach experience like never before.

The sandpaper feel that used to come with spinach is part of its past. It’s time to relish every bite of your spinach, knowing it’s as smooth as it is nutritious. Oh, and blissfully pesticide-free with Bowery.


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