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We’re New In Town: Hello Bethlehem, PA

We’re continuing our always growing pledge with the unveiling of a new farm joining the Bowery network

At Bowery, we believe in always growing. Every minute of every day of every year. Growing technology, growing capacity, and yes, growing food. So today we’re excited to announce that we’re continuing our always growing pledge with the unveiling of a new farm joining the Bowery network.

Bowery Bethlehem


This year, we’re laying down new roots. Our next farm will be located in Bethlehem, PA—a location that will give us the opportunity to bring Protected Produce to almost 50 million people living within the farm’s 200-mile radius. With this expanded reach and scale, it’s safe to say we can’t wait to open our doors.

This farm will also be our largest and most technologically-advanced, featuring a number of developments that lay the groundwork for the next chapter in smart, scalable indoor farming:


Water Conservation: This farm will have a comprehensive water transpiration system to recapture water from plants, with the goal of reclaiming nearly all of the water used in our growing process.

More Energy Efficient LED Lighting

Smartest Farm Yet: Powered by the BoweryOS, this farm will leverage billions of data points collected from all of our farms, which will allow us to ramp up faster than ever to grow a reliable supply of consistently delicious produce year-round.

Restoration in the Community: We’re workF2ing with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to transform our Bethlehem location from a non-arable industrial site into productive, modern farmland—stimulating economic revitalization that will provide year-round sustainable farming jobs for the community.

The future of farming is just beginning and our Bethlehem Farm is the next step in bringing safer, traceable, pesticide-free, delicious produce to a store near you. We thank you for your support throughout our journey and we can’t wait to share what we’ll be growing next!


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