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The Future Is Now: Welcome to Farm X

At Bowery we’re constantly challenging the status-quo to reinvent the landscape of agriculture

At Bowery we’re constantly challenging the status-quo to reinvent the landscape of agriculture. As we continue to grow (in more ways than one), we’re pleased to announce Farm X, our newest state-of-the-art innovation hub for plant science in Kearny, N.J., located right next door to our original R&D Center of Excellence.

So, just another farm?

Absolutely not. Farm X is one of the largest and most sophisticated vertical farming R&D facilities in the world, and will further accelerate the cultivation of strawberries, root vegetables, tomatoes, peppers and beyond; Farm X will continue the quest for perfect leafy greens and herbs.

 “From day one, our R&D team has been working tirelessly to unlock the next frontier in agriculture, and Farm X enables us to expedite the discovery of new vibrant crops and pioneering technological advancements that will further accelerate our momentum as the category leader.” – Irving Fain, Bowery CEO & Founder

Our world-class team of plant breeders, plant physiologists, biochemists, and more, are constantly innovating from seed-to-shelf. At Farm X, they’ll be able to test more, faster—leading to the discovery of new crops and growing recipes. The sky is literally the limit. 

A More Flavorful Future

Our R&D team is working year-round to uncover flavor-packed produce and bring new and exciting culinary experiences to your plate. Beyond the cultivation of new fruits and vegetables at Farm X,  we’re working hard to develop the next generation of Farmer’s Selection greens that are sure to take your home cooking menu to the next level.

Farm X marks the next chapter in Bowery’s story—one of innovation, and the audacity to tackle the challenge of growing food for a better future. We can’t wait to show you what’s in store! 


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