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We’re Growing: Hello Texas and Georgia!

TWO new farms joining the Bowery network

At Bowery, we grow more than leafy greens. We grow access to nutrient-rich food, opportunity for green jobs, and big flavor to make healthy eating even more enticing. Today, we’re excited to announce the expansion of our farm footprint with the unveiling of not one, but TWO new farms joining the Bowery network.

Meet Bowery Georgia: Locust Grove Farm

This year, we’re putting down roots in the southeast. In the Atlanta Metro Area, to be exact, where our new farm in Locust Grove, Georgia will serve a population of 20 million people within a 200-mile radius. With this expanded reach and scale, it’s safe to say we can’t wait to open our doors (expected opening date is first quarter 2023).

 Our new indoor smart farm will create more than 100 year-round green jobs in Henry County, Georgia and we plan to use power from 100% renewable sources.

 Meet Bowery Texas: Arlington Farm

 Howdy, Texas! Our new farm will be located in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, serving a population of 16 million people within a 200-mile radius (this farm is also expected to open in the first quarter of 2023). Just like all Bowery siblings, our new farm in Arlington, Texas will grow pesticide-free Protected Produce, 365 days a year—regardless of sun, rain, or extreme weather.

 Our Texas farm will also create more than 100 year-round green jobs, and we plan to use power from 100% renewable sources.

 What’s New?

 Both of these farms will feature new developments that lay the groundwork for the next chapter in smart, scalable indoor farming.

  • Water conservation: These farms will have a comprehensive water transpiration system to recapture water from plants, with the goal of reclaiming nearly all of the water used in our growing process.
  •  Lighting Efficiency: Bowery is committed to sustainability, and our new farms will feature industry-leading environmental improvements like the most efficient LED lighting.
  • Smartest Farms Yet: Powered by the Bowery OS, these farms will leverage billions of data points collected from Bowery’s network of farms to grow a reliable supply of consistently delicious produce year-round.

We’re excited about our expanded footprint which will bring local, safer, pesticide-free Protected Produce to more communities across the country. Each new farm brings us closer to democratizing access to sustainable and fresh produce.



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