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Keeping the Community Fed: How You Can Help

As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, it’s clear that lifting up our neighbors is more important than ever before

As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, it’s clear that lifting up our neighbors is more important than ever before. We recognize that the economic fallout and immobility imposed by the virus can seriously impact families and individuals across the country. To this end, we are committed to furthering support for our nonprofit partners including Table to Table in New Jersey, and the Maryland Food Bank by providing produce to those that need it most.

Read more about these organizations below, and learn how you, too, can help them provide a continuous supply of fresh food.   

Table to Table

Nearly 1 million people in New Jersey are hungry, including 1 in 7 children. Table to Table, a community-based food rescue program, collects fruits and vegetables and other perishable foods that would otherwise be wasted and delivers it to organizations feeding those in need.

Table to TableRight now, a lot of us are able to work from home and still get what we need from the grocery store. However, there are many in New Jersey without the means, transportation, or physical capabilities to access fresh food. Table to Table is leaning in even more during this time, keeping their trucks on the road as food is available and partners are able to receive fresh deliveries.

As Bowery continues to donate fresh produce to their team, we hope you, too, can help keep your neighbors in New Jersey nourished. Every dollar donated provides 10 fresh, healthy meals. Donate here.

Maryland Food Bank

In Maryland alone, food-insecure families miss more than 111 million meals every year. For the past 40 years, Maryland Food Bank has been leading the charge to source and distribute food to families and individuals who would otherwise struggle to find their next meal.

Maryland Food BankTheir team supplies food to hundreds of soup-kitchens, pantries, and community based organizations across the state. Right now, their responsibility to safely distribute enough food to provide 110,000 meals per day and more than 40 million meals annually remains unchanged.

As Bowery supports this team by donating 200 lbs of greens week over week, we hope you can lend a hand to the MFB team during the COVID-19 crisis, too. Donate here.


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