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Introducing Our New Culinary Advisor: Chef Eric Adjepong

For Top Chef finalist Chef Eric Adjepong, the bar for flavor was set high from an early age

For Top Chef finalist Chef Eric Adjepong, the bar for flavor was set high from an early age. As a first-generation Ghanaian-American born and raised in New York City, he grew up eating many West African dishes that influence his unique culinary style. Today, Chef Adjepong’s sound techniques, bold flavors, and creativity are what make viewers from all over the US gravitate toward his cooking.

We’re excited to share that Chef Adjepong will be joining Bowery Farming as a Culinary Advisor in 2021. In this role, he will support R&D efforts, influence our product offerings, and consult on the sensory attributes of Bowery greens.

While Chef Adjepong is a NY-native, he now lives right outside of Baltimore with his wife and daughter. His close proximity to Bowery’s Nottingham Farm, coupled with his extensive experience at Michelin-starred restaurants and his genuine commitment to sustainability, food access, and public health, makes Chef Adjepong the perfect partner to join Bowery in our mission to create a more flavorful, efficient, and sustainable food system.

We can’t wait to see what Chef Adjepong’s creativity brings to Bowery in the New Year! As a quick introduction, we’ve rounded up a few of his favorite tips for home cooks to dial up the flavor and reduce food waste in 2021.

Chef Eric’s Tips

When we’re working from home, what are easy meals to make for that midday lunch break?

Menu plan for the week ahead. Consider cooking bigger portions that you can freeze, or turn into a different leftover dish for lunch. Staple items to make ahead include grains, which are an easy go-to base for many dishes, or even proteins like chicken, which can be shredded to top salad or quick & easy soup recipes. I also like to have some fresh produce on hand to give quick meals a fresh bite. Bowery’s Crispy Leaf Lettuce can give sandwiches or a grain bowl an added crunch.

Are there any ingredients that you gravitate towards this time of year?

If you can, stick to fresh herbs during the winter to add brightness to your meals. Parsley and cilantro are the base for Chermoula, a delicious North African condiment sauce that can top any roasted vegetable side dish. All you have to do is roughly chop the herbs, add fresh diced red onion, garlic, lemon and orange zest, and blend with spices like smoked paprika and cumin.

Any tips for cutting down on food waste in 2021?

If you’re going to use fresh herbs, but not use the stems — think again. The stems pack a lot of flavor and can be easily added to soup, stews, and sauces. Additionally, menu planning helps you really cut down on food waste throughout the week. Another great way to help out is by supporting local nonprofits that save food that would go to waste by feeding the hungry.

For more culinary tips from Chef Adjepong, be sure to follow him on Instagram and subscribe to his newsletter here.



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