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Empowering the Next Generation of Modern Farmers: Educational Resources

We’ve developed a free two-part lesson plan about the relationship between agriculture and sustainability

Did you know that agriculture accounts for 10% of global emissions or that food trucking contributes another 12%? We think there’s a cleaner way to feed the future. And it starts with educating the next generation of thought leaders in the classroom.

Hydroponic Farming Roots of Plants

To empower educators and parents to talk about these issues, we’ve developed a free two-part lesson plan about the relationship between agriculture and sustainability. We invite students to come up with their own solutions, and along the way provide an in depth look at indoor hydroponic farming.

The lesson was developed for 6th–8th graders in collaboration with middle school teachers and an expert in STEM education. It aligns with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and includes a lesson plan, slide deck, and all accompanying resources.

Part I: Agriculture, Human Impact, and Innovative Solutions

In Part One, students will connect their everyday experience with food to global food production, human impact on the environment, and the current challenges facing the planet and the population. They will then discuss and design potential solutions.


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Part II: Modern Indoor Hydroponic Farming

In Part Two, students will learn about how indoor hydroponic farming works. They will then connect it back to the challenges and solutions exercise in Part I.

Download the free lesson plan now:

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  • Keynote Version: Here
  • PowerPoint Version: Here

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