In the kitchen

Parenting in a Pandemic: When the Kitchen Becomes the Classroom

Bowery can offer you guidance on how to mix up kid-friendly programming in the kitchen

For many parents adjusting to #workfromhome life during the pandemic, daily routines now involve hosting both home school and home entertainment for small children. The juggling act is real, and while Bowery cannot help you solve that middle school math problem, we can offer you guidance on how to mix up kid-friendly programming in the kitchen.

The following dishes are easy options to get little ones cooking at home. If you can’t find all the ingredients – do not fret! Use the proposed recipes as a framework for culinary exploration and swap where you see fit. We hope that by opting into an activity that ends with a meal, you’ll not only take one less task off of your list, but get to savor something delicious with your family during this chaotic time.

Tips for Getting Started

But before you fire up the stove, we wanted to share a few secrets for success to help you and your kids become pros.

  • Read the recipe together: It’s tempting to dive right into measuring and mixing ingredients, but if you don’t know what ingredients or equipment you need, your cooking adventure could quickly turn into a big mess. Take a minute to read the recipe together and pick out the important parts: How many servings will it make? How long will it take? What ingredients do you need and do you have everyone on hand? Then, make a plan for who’s going to do what.
  • Practice safety: Knives, stovetops, ovens—oh my! There’s a lot to watch out for in a kitchen. Teach your kids how to stay safe while cooking such as donning an apron, pulling back loose hair, using oven mitts to handle pots, pans, and lids on the stove as well as anything in the oven. Show them proper knife skills. Grab a separate cutting board for raw meat, poultry, and fish and don’t forget—always wash your hands after handling for at least 20 seconds.
  • Clean up together: When you’re finished cooking, clean up together – don’t let kids skip out! Make it a game. Assign everyone a job. Play the Mission Impossible theme and see who can get their station sparkling clean by the time the song ends!